Application Agreement and Terms

  1. This Application Form is relevant to gaining access to further content and information available on the website which is owned and operated by GPEDU Pty Ltd ACN 618 401 479 (‘GPEDU’).
  2. While access to the GPEDU website is not restricted to completion this Application Form, if you choose to register and complete this Application Form (and your application is accepted by GPEDU), you will be entitled to receive additional content and information which is not available for non-registered users of the GPEDU website.
  3. Once this Application Form has been completed GPEDU will review the information and at their sole discretion determine whether the Applicant will have access to the website or its further content and information.
  4. You acknowledge that GPEDU can revoke your access to any services in connection with its website in any capacity and for any reason and at any time (whether your application is accepted or not).
  5. You acknowledge and warrant that the information contained on this Application Form is true and correct and not misleading in any material way.
  6. By completing this Application Form you are forming a binding agreement with GPEDU in addition to the terms you accept in Item 8, 9 and/or 10 (as applicable to you) below.
  7. By completing this Application Form, you acknowledge that you will be also bound by other terms relevant to the website including the Website Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy which form part of this Agreement and are legally binding upon you.
  8. If you are a Medical CPD Event Organiser, you warrant in favour of GPEDU that all events run by you are vetted in a professional manner by you and not in conflict with applicable Australian laws with application to their subject matter.
  9. If you are a Medical CPD Event Organiser, you warrant and undertake that you will not use any information provided to you including information of users of the website in any manner which maybe perceived as third party exploitation i.e. only for the purpose of medical CPD events and not any marketing purpose.
  10. If you are a registered medical practitioner, you warrant and undertake in favour of GPEDU that you are currently registered at the time of making this application and that any details you provide to GPEDU (including any medical registration numbers) is provided on behalf of yourself personally and is true and correct in all material respects.