Laser and IPL Safety Officer Course


For those of you who are new to laser and light device technology, this course aims to help create a safe operating environment for both your patients/clients and safely house your devices during operation.

  • To educate the participant concerning the types of devices available;
  • To identify what treatments lasers and light devices are used for;
  • How to appropriately and safely house devices;
    (Though the course may discuss the different type of devices available the course is not designed to recommend which device(s) to purchase.)
  • This course aims to highlight clinical safety, history taking and prescribing of light treatment(s);
    (We do not provide template or protocols for your rooms; however we aim to guide and educate you so that you can write appropriate protocols for your clinical environment.)
  • Devices are discussed in terms of wavelengths;
    (We do not recommend devices for purchase but rather aim to teach you the basics so you can purchase with knowledge.)

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29 Aug

Wed, 29 Aug 2018, at 12:00 AM
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