KFP Coach Bundle

Are you enrolled in the RACGP KFP exam? Whether this is your first attempt or a subsequent attempt, make sure it is a successful attempt.

With our new KFP Bundle, you'll have access to our 3 popular exam preparation programs designed to help you achieve KFP success.

Plus receive access to our bonus Exam Preparation Module which includes a curriculum self-assessment and an extensive reference library.


Get the KFP Bundle for your ultimate KFP success

KFP Bundle includes:

  • Subscription to KFP Coach, Dr KFP and Dr MCQ until the next RACGP KFP exam
  • Access to your ‘KFP Coach’ with intensive one-on-one coaching and expert information on how to approach the KFP exam
  • Access to KFP Coach with 50 KFP style cases and questions delivered to you through our easy to use online platform
  • Guided questions to demonstrate the KFP technique, identifying key features and what the examiners are looking for
  • Access Dr KFP to test yourself under exam conditions with 130+ KFP style questions with ideal answers, commentary, references and marking guide
  • Access to Dr MCQ with over 850 MCQs to test and build your knowledge
  • Interactive live KFP webinar prior to each exam
  • Curriculum Self-Assessment and Reference Library with 1000+ useful references, resources and tools arranged by topic


Please contact us or refer to our website for more information on enrolment and KFP Coach access periods prior to each KFP exam.


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